MedGyn Pipette

medgyn pipette

The MedGyn Pipette and Pipette is utilized to obtain clearly differentiated endometrial tissue without anesthesia, in an outpatient setting or as an office procedure. This device is designed to improve the ease of tissue collection and to reduce the physical discomfort to the patient, which is inherent to a biopsy. It provides sufficient histologic specimen and is procedurally cost-effective for routine use. A cervical block,dilator or tenaculum is not required for using this device.The MedGyn Pipette is recommended for both pre- and post- menopausal women for diagnostic purposes.






Directions for Use

1. Prepare vaginal area and cervix for a sterile intrauterine procedure
2. With a vaginal speculum in place, carefully examine depth of uterine cavity. It may be necessary to use a tenaculum to grasp the cervix to     straighten cervical canal.
3. Use a uterine sound to find depth and direction of uterus.
4. View cervix using a suitable vaginal speculum.
5. Insert Pipette though cervix, into uterine cavity, up to the fundus.
6. Hold the Pipette in place with one hand and withdraw piston in a smooth, uninterrupted movement until it stops at the proximal end.
7. Rotate the Pipette 360 with a gentle movement to aspirate sample into the Pipette.
8. Withdraw the Pipette from the uterus. Sample will be visible in the Pipette.
9. While holding the pipette over a specimen container, push piston rod back into the Pipette to expel the sample into proper preserving fluid in the container. Send sample to the laboratory after proper labeling.

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