Our Core Values

Mega Pharma believes in a number of fundamental values, which create the unique environment within the organization and it’s individual conduct.

Honesty & Integrity

 Mega Pharma attaches the highest level of importance to honesty & integrity of its employees. The company does not and will not compromise on this aspect for any person or circumstance.


Responsibility towards its employees

 Mega Pharma treasures each & every employee equally & will act as the guardian of the employee regardless of the situation.



 Mega Pharma strongly believes in addressing market issues swiftly even if it may be the most trivial.


Responsibility towards its Customer

 Mega Pharma’s customer base is at 4 levels, the doctor, the hospital, the patient and the chemist. The company considers itself duty bound to ensure that all levels profit & benefit are from its activities.


People & Team Spirit

 Mega Pharma has every employee within the organization geared to supplement its mission, with highest priority given to its customer base.


Journey towards excellence

 Mega Pharma believes that there is always room for improvement & correction. Therefore, the organization is receptive to constructive criticism & suggestions.