Meek & Mesher

Meek & Mesher


1. MEEK Grafting System

The system consists of a cutting machine containing 13 circular blades mounted on a cutting axis. The cork plate with the graft is placed in a cutting block that moves under a bridge during cutting. The cut graft is then transferred onto the pre-folded MEEK gauze using the adhesive spray provided. The graft is stretched by pulling the sides of the gauze and then applied to the wound.

MEEK Features:


 2. Mesher

In addition to the V – Carriers, Humeca developed a mesher to complete the product line for meshgrafting. The Humeca® mesher is provided with a unique spring mechanism that prevents the blades from excessive pressure on the carrier during cutting.

Mesher Features:


3. V – Carriers

Introducing a new range of grooved skin graft carriers for expansion and perforation, called ‘V – Carriers’. The symmetrical V-shaped groove pattern of these carriers prevents unwanted sideward movement of the carrier during cutting.

V – Carriers Features: